“Do What You Love” Is A LIE

This piece was fabulous!

Cristian Mihai

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Odds are you tried something in your life. A passion. A hobby. Something that got you excited, made you feel alive, like a fire burning inside your chest. It felt amazing doing it. And you did it, and did it, and kept at it, but in time it became more and more difficult to stay with it long enough to achieve true success.

Let’s face it: if you’re not in love anymore with what you’re doing, it feels like an uphill struggle. That’s OK if you’re a hobbyist or a dabbler, but if you want a career, if you want to live your life at the highest level possible, then all this might make you want to stop and try something else…

You want to quit because you weren’t expecting that doing what you loved would be so damn frustrating at times…

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Moscow Marathon

I love running long distances. I started running to overcome frustration and anger associated with social pressures of being a woman and expectations of society. I was always an outlier, I knew I hated conformity-anything and everything that constricts, depletes or erodes one’s personal power is harmful for the soul.

I fought my battles on my own, and I found relief in running. It was my outlet and my way of breaking stereotypes.

Now, I run to create awareness about issues such as women empowerment and gender development in developing countries.

Dr. Ambreen Zaman Riaz



Nomination: Prestigious Nelson Mandela Award

Pleased to announce that Dr. Ambreen Zaman-Riaz has been nominated for the Prestigious Nelson Mandela Social Service Award12705163_10153246495051207_2314946907314545718_n


“Dear Dr Riaz

Your nomination in the Individual Activist category is posted, but the entry for Civil Society is the same so I have only posted in one category. Thanks for responding to the campaign and submitting a nomination. The nomination is posted in our nominations gallery. http://www.youcanbethechange.com/index.php/awards/nominations

Winning Top Honors.

Award Winning Social Business Enterprise ‘I Change Her Life’ started from a small start-up in Islampur, a small village tucked away in Mardan. The resources were limited and odds were against us. Most people thought we would not survive the first six months. When we approached certain agencies for networking and help, they turned against us.We persevered because we believed in our mission! Today, we are standing at the top of the pyramid and we want to share our success story with others so that our journey can inspire those who are struggling. We want to change the mindsets of people who base their opinions on prejudice, bigotry, myopic conditioning and closed ideas!