Harvard Graduation

I am truly humbled and grateful for my achievements and want to thank my mentors, friends, and colleagues who supported me on this journey. It takes grit, stamina, and perseverance to pursue one’s goals and the myriad of challenges that show up unexpectedly threaten to derail one’s path to success.
Ask anyone who has achieved anything meaningful and the crux of the story remains the same: no pain, no gain. It’s easy to get distracted and pulled into present bias and status quo bias, especially when life throws curveballs but the ability to act consistently from a place of ‘Stargazer’ perspective is a game changer. My coach told me stargazers are people who follow their North star no matter how lost they feel and I truly believe the inner strength to hold-on is what separates leaders from followers.
A hero’s saga unfolds slowly and you have to trust your ability to deliver and your instinct to stay on your path.
In the end, what truly matters is how you will use your talents and knowledge to serve others. How will you leverage your position, power, and resources to create meaningful change in the world?